onScreen Services

Effects & supervising VFX

Our studio, working with non-affiliated artists, has extensive possibilities of producing special effects for films and series.

On a daily basis, we work with leading post-production houses in Poland.

We also offer VFX supervising service on the set.

Inserts, screens in the film

Recently, screens have appeared in every modern production.

These are elements of the scenery that you often don’t know “how to bite?”. They require comprehensive preparation! We respond to this need by providing exactly the applications and graphic elements that a given scenario requires.

At the stage of pre-production, production and post-production, we are able to generate any element with which the hero interacts. Most of them are fully interactive!

Titles, credits & other design

We create sequences of initial and final credits, title boards etc.

We recommend the right artists for each project, coordinate the entire process and provide professional rendering of accepted sequences.


Our portfolio

We work mainly with post-production houses in the B2B model.

This means that our work contributes to their portfolio – we cannot display it on the website.

However, we can share specific positions with interested partners.

We invite you to cooperation!


Contact us!

Mateusz Kozak

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