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in the fields of film & TV development, production and distribution.

Young producers implementing innovation

Filmnovation was established in 2017 with the idea of implementing new technologies and solutions in the field of film and tv production & distribution. 

In addition to the development of innovative media projects, we support producers and distributors by delivering consulting & management services. Mainly: budgeting and scheduling, film-marketing and new-tech.

Founded by two creative producers, graduates of Polish National Film School in Łodź. Developed with experienced communication specialist, talented graphic designers and ninja IT specialist.

What can we do for you?

We support producers at various stages of project development. We are always happy to hear your needs.

Creative Development

Wondering how to bring Your project to the next level?

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Budgeting & Scheduling

And any other support for production managers and producers.

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New-Tech Implementation

Bringing project-managment efficiency to cloud level!

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Project Marketing

Branding, social-media, booklet or modern pitching presentation?

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Filmnovation projects in 2019

This is what we develop in our team. Looks interesting? Do not hesitate – contact us right away!

Liga Marzeń / League of Dreams

Interactive sports-reality TV show on a base of youth football


The project is at the stage of development.

Will be pitched in April @ MIPTV Festival in Cannes 2019.

Filmnovation: OnScreen

Fully interactive sollutions for Fictional User Interfaces in film & tv


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Recently, screens with content are appearing in every modern production. Those elements of the set design, that are often hard to grasp. They require comprehensive preparation.

We respond to this need by providing exactly the apps and graphic content that a given scenario requires.

At the stage of pre-production, production and post-production, we are able to generate every element with which the actors interacts. Most of them are fully interactive!


Innovative, cloud-based budgeting tool for film projects.


Our experience shows that the budgeting process of media projects, in particular films, is recurrent and often consists of the same elements. We’ve decided to facilitate it. For everyone.

Budgetize is a modern tool based on cloud solutions that effectively shortens the valuation process of film projects. Global variables, hardware rates updated live, virtual assistant, which does not let you forget about anything.

The tool is now developed – we are consulting the system algorithm with experienced production managers and line-producers. 

Our team

We support producers at various stages of project development. We are always happy to hear your needs.

Mateusz Kozak

CEO / Producer

Bartosz Bednarz

Co-founder / Producer

Wojtek Sobko

Business Development

Marek Klemczak

Brand manager

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